Mass Effect Amazon Series? Possibly.

Amazon Mass Effect series

Amazon is reportedly in talks about adapting the massively popular Mass Effect video games into a new science fiction series. This was first reported by Deadline in a recent article.

The first game in the series was first released in 2007 for PC and other gaming platforms. Since then, it has received two successful sequels following the story of protagonist Commander Shepard, a sequel to the trilogy titled Mass Effect: Andromeda, which followed another main character in a different galaxy, and a whole lot of comic books, novels and other media. A new remastered Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, which combined the main trilogy with all released downloadable content (DLCs), along with gameplay and graphical overhauls, was released in 2021. And the developer, Bioware, is currently in production with a new sequel.

It remains to be seen what shape or form Amazon’s series will take. But with the success of Amazon’s The Wheel of Time and the upcoming The Lord of the Rings series, we do not doubt that this will be a major hit for the studio.

Check out the trailer for Mass Effect: Legendary Edition below:

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